Marquette Bank in Illinois gives $75 Bonus for Opening their best reward checking account

Marquette Bank headquartered in Illinois gives up to $75 of bonus in gift cards for opening their best reward checking account called Totally Free Checking Account.

Upon opening of their best checking account, Marquette will give the account holder the $25 gift card. The $50 gift card may be given once you activate one of the features like online bills payment, direct deposit, or online statements. After 2 months, the bank will send you the gift card.

This is a great grab given that you only have to accomplish one of the three requirements to make most out of the bonus. This used to be a national money in the bank offer but one of our readers informed us that the customer service representative told him that this offer is only good for their customers in Illinois.

One downside of this offer is the high probability of a hard credit pull upon application. You might want to think twice if you don’t want a ding on your credit score.

The Totally Free Checking account only requires an initial deposit of $10. The bank does not collect any service fees nor impose any balance requirements. There are also no limits to the number of transactions you can do per month.

Aside from the basic features there you will also have free access to online banking, bills payment, and to a FunRewards point system where you earn rewards points for every transaction that you make.

This reward checking bonus promo has been going on since March and it is still ongoing. Interested consumers can apply online using a secured link found on the bank’s website.