List Building Is Important If You Want To Make Money Online

I am guessing you have probably either heard or read quite a bit about the infamous “lists” that network marketers often refer to and if not don’t worry; you will have a better understanding of it by the end of this article. I have been in networking marketing and home-based businesses and such for quite some years now and cannot even begin to count the number of times I have heard about list building; and honestly I didn’t have much of a clue what people were talking about, just that they had some special kind of list building that helped them make (or supposedly make) tons of money. One business associate I personally know used to talk about her list all the time and how she had hundreds of people on it – or was it thousands?! I just know that finally I got frustrated with her and her success stories, so I would jokingly say “well it is because of your LIST!” She had a very intelligent come-back that shut me up, which was “I had to work for years on this list…did you think I was born with it?!”

So looking back over the years I do see the importance of list building, although it is still somewhat of a mystery to me to this day. From pretty much everything I read I get that to be successful online and yes, to make money, you must be working on list building and even have it be your number one priority. Successful marketers know that real success comes from establishing relationships, and when that is being done predominantly online in this quite virtual world, that needs to come from list building. Before moving onto the importance of lists, I want to make sure you did not miss something very important, and that is found in one simple yet powerful important word: relationships. One thing I have learned over the years may sound trite but just think about it for a few minutes. We generally tend to buy from or join with people that we know, like and trust. Trite but true.

In building relationships, which are more virtual in nature it can be challenging for people to get to know, like and trust you, since they cannot see you face to face, but there are ways that people do come to feel at ease with you if even just via the Internet and many do it every day. Facebook is just one place for one example of getting to feel that you know someone although you may have never met them nor spoken one word with them on the phone. The bonds that can form on such a powerful social networking site are amazing and many can attest to calling others their friends or perhaps even their best friends, etc. just through open, online interactions. Facebook and other social media sites are good places to start working on your list building as these are people who are growing to know, like and trust you provided you are not a jerk on there as many are regrettably so.

List building is really a simple task that requires building that trust and offering value in exchange for their name, email address and perhaps even their phone numbers for business purposes. Most savvy marketers using list building know that offering something of value for “free” is key. I am not suggesting offering to give away your laptop or flat screen TV for goodness sake! I am suggesting offering free reports, e-books, software, etc., and yes you can even be the author of those – that will make it even more valuable knowing that you took the time to write it and did not just borrow someone else’s writing.

One way to collect email addresses to add to your list building experience is to set up a very good auto-responder which will send out messages to your list of people whenever you have programmed it to do so. I would personally not suggest sending out an email every day, but that is just my opinion. An email every day to me is annoying and also seems to send me a message that the sender is desperate for my money. Space it out to say every two or better yet three days and remember to always add value to what is being written, and before you know it you will have aced “list building 101” and can now teach others to do the same.