Use Amazon Marketplace as a Neat Way to Generate Cash Flow

Amazon Marketplace and eBay are a good way to generate cash. When thinking about this bulletin and mulling over how important it is to have some positivecash flow.

I realised we need some results from our activities to encourage us to keep going. In addition to keeping my sales going on ebay I am also using Amazon to dispose of a lot of my now un-necessary books. Over my professional life I always had a great appetite for information. This was coupled with a ‘find out how’ philosophy. By this I mean if ever I did not know what someone was talking about I made a point of finding out.
Because some of this was before the days of Google it meant I accumulated a large library of books. This collection is now being sold on Amazon Marketplace. I am steadily moving on the books that are no longer of any use to me.

Some people are claiming to make a good second income on the Marketplace. I am not so sure. The thought of finding the books that sell and buying them to sell on seems a touch un-certain but it is yet another possible money making source open to us all with the advent of the web and our computers.

Some of the books I have sold have fetched very good prices. My record do far is £42 for a specialist book. This was far ahead of its original price. If you decide to have a look at selling books be careful to check the prices at which others have listed their books. You can easily do this to help you set your price.

Keep the cash trickling in when you use ebay and Amazon.
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